Searching for Code Samples

I learn coding patterns by examples. Not blog posts. Not videos. Sometimes documentation. But more often it is through out-in-the-wild code samples.

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Daily Personal Pride

Do one thing today for yourself, your personal life, that you’ve been itching to do but, for whatever reason, haven’t done.

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Shift Your Perspective

How do you learn to finish all the projects you’ve started, respond to all the emails you’ve received, and ensure all loose ends in your life are attended to?

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Lunch Time: Crunch Time

I struggle with work-life balance.

Most folks I know derive their identity from primarily work or life, usually one or the other, not both.

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Wait for Inspiration

I’ve heard people say, “don’t wait for inspiration” or “don’t wait for motivation.” I disagree.

Wait for inspiration. Wait for motivation.

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